Delicious Marathon Experience in Japan

Are there the more unique courses I introduce you today? Maybe yes, yes that is possible because there are tremendous numbers of race in a year, even its limited in Japan. After running, any foods seem to more delicious than not to run. In other words, running makes us to be able to eat foods more delicious. And today’s topic is “delicious marathon”.


“Sweets marathon”, this race is held many places in Japan. In this year, it was held in 7 prefectures: Tokyo, Aichi, Chiba, Osaka, Hiroshima, Yamaguchi, and Fukuoka. The delicious thing in this race is ‘sweets’ in aid spot as its name suggests. The aids points provide sweets for runners and participants can be got the original sweets of the race. The quality of sweets seems to be high, because many sponsors are specialized by the region in where the race is held. For example, Akatsuki Sake Company which is well-known by the Sake ‘Dassai(獺祭)’ in Yamaguchi is listed in a sponsor of the race in that prefecture.


There might be not sweets lover, there are perfect race such a person. It’s Minami -Uonuma a gourmet marathon in Niigata prefecture. This race started the call of “Itadakimasu” and aid station supply Sake “Hakkai-zan(八海山)” in last 2km spot. In addition, after crossing the finish line, runner can be enjoying eating the rice as much as they likes. Minami-Uonuma is a famous rice centers in Japan, so the products such as Sake and rice is unbelievably delicious.


Like these races, there are many unique races in Japan. If you are a runner, don’t miss it!


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