Hot spots in Japan for Christmas!

Now in Japan, mood is full of Christmas in anyplace.


Even if you are not Christian, we all together celebrate and enjoy our Christmas in Japan.


Today, we would like to introduce hot spots in Japan for Christmas!

Please check it out and enjoy with your family, friends, or your boy/girl friend.


①Omotesando Hills(表参道ヒルズ)

In omotesando, you can enjoy 14meters high Christmas tree on the screen with romantic performance. It’s from 6th in November to 25th in December. One thing, please be careful…on the Christmas day, this place will surely crowd and crowd like chaos.


②Tokyo midtown(東京ミッドタウン)

In the center of Tokyo, you can enjoy 280,000 of LED illuminations. On the 2,000 square meters of land, sweetest and romantic scenery is there.


③Caretta shiodome(カレッタ汐留)

From 15th in November to 25th in December, you can enjoy 3D projection mapping in Caretta shiodome. Theme is the “SEA” and lots of sea creatures will be there!


What do you think of Japanese Christmas? Let’s enjoy most romantic seasons in Japan!


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