About us, Cosmos japanese language school!

COSMOS is a Japanese language school located in Hanzomon, Tokyo.

The founder of COSMOS established this school recently as a second job in hope to support foreigners living in Japan, especially those who intend to stay here for a longer period of time.

Because we are a start-up company and it has only been several months since we opened this school, we must admit our school is not very big. We are located in a room in an apartment, just a minute away from Hanzomon station. However, we take great pride in being able to provide our students quality Japanese language classes in a comfortable and “at-home” environment.

For those who are new to Japan or for beginner Japanese language learners, you are pretty much in charge of what you want to learn and what you want to focus on in class. If you speak basic Japanese but aren’t so confident in reading and writing, we will prepare exercises for you that will help you improve those skills. If you on the other hand, have studied Japanese through textbooks but cannot form sentences quickly when trying to speak Japanese, we provide more conversation-based classes, using various topics and settings.

For those who have studied Japanese for years and are hoping to either brush a certain skill or learn advanced Japanese, we have classes that focus on analyzing newspaper articles or writing essays. If you have a specific curriculum that you would like to follow, that is also possible. Just consult with us first so that we can provide a great class for you.

Plus regarding homework, that is completely up to the student if she/he wants it or not. We are very flexible when it comes to our student’s needs as well as their schedule so if that’s the kind of school you are looking for, please drop by sometime and take a class!

If you would like to register for a free trial, please contact us at the following address:



The rainy season has come. After the season, the climate quickly turns to the summer. I don’t know the horror storytelling in the summer time is unique in Japan or not, but I want to introduce you to Japanese traditional horror story “Kaidan”.

Before telling the horror story, I’m going to explain the relationship between the summer season and horror stories in historical context. You might guess the reason is in the high temperature in summer or Obon ceremony, but actually, it continues to the traditional theater culture from Edo era. The theater is so called “Natsu-kyogen(夏狂言)”. In Edo period, there was no air conditioner, and it causes the decline of a number of the audience who come to the theater. For that reason, actors had to go tour to the countryside, and it held in summer, so the play had called “Natsu-Kyogen(夏狂言)”. It was the best way to get the audience for them because the theater is not common in the country side. Therefore, the played contents didn’t have many variations in stories to cut off the cost to open the temporal theater on tour. The most popular contents in “Natsu-Kyogen” was the horror stories. As I mentioned above, Japanese people prefer to the summer season to talk horror stories than other seasons.

There are several famous horror stories, which all Japanese people might know. If you want to know such a stories, please come to our school, our teacher Mrs.Kobayashi will talk to you. (Of course, she is the good Japanese teacher, but also good story teller.)



Even you are not game lover, you might know the company “Nintendo.” However, how many people know the first products of this company? It’s “Hanafuda(花札)”, Japanese origin playing cards. Today, I will introduce the world of Hanafuda.


The history of Hanafuda starts in 16th century, the playing card which originally from Europe had carried by missionaries. This cards game eventually became popular mainly in gambling. However, it was banned in 17th century, because the government had a fear of changing religion and completely closed off contact with the Western Christian world in 1633. This is a so-called “Sakoku(鎖国)” in Japanese.

Although the cards were banned, there are highly demand on using this cards for gambling. This structure prompted people to alter the playing cards to Japanese version, and subsequently, it became the card “Hanafuda”.As mentioned above, this cards was the first products for Nintendo. This company was also reflect this trend of the times.


Let’s get back on track. Hanafuda had developed by regions or communities and it became to have too many rules to grasp the all of it, because this card game was mainly enjoyed in gambling with limited members. This is because, there are many Yakuza movies which gangs playing Hanafuda as gamble. In addition to this factor, the government banned gambling, so it made playing environment more closed. The gamble which include using Hanafuda, is still banned. However, Hanafuda is still popular card game because of its beauty. You should remember some complex rules to enjoy this card game, however the picture of cards will encourage you to remember the rule of Hanafuda、because it is so beautiful.


Best spots in Kumamoto②

On 14th in April, a huge earthquake occurred Kumamoto pref. in Kyushu.  Now people in Japan are going to try hard to get quick recovery from earthquake damage.

So, today we would like to share some best spots  in Kumamoto! After recovering from the serious damage, let’s visit Kumamoto to cheer up!

【Kumamoto Castle】


The most famous place is Kumamoto castle. It was built in Edo-era, and recognized as the Important Cultural Property in 1933. If you need, you can also enjoy seeing around with English-guided.

【Shiraito Waterfall】


Shiraito Waterfall is famous as a healing power spot in Kyushu. It’s 20 meters high and change its mood depends on the seasons. Especially, coloring leaves in Fall is unbelievably beautiful.

【Kyusendo Cave】


It’s a 2nd longest cave in Japan from 300 million years. Twenty thousand bats are living here and keep the environment inside.


Let’s cheer up Kumamoto, Kyushu!

OBENTO(-lunch box) culture

Do you have your own lunch box, called “Obento-bako” in Japanese?

In Japan, basically every single person has their own one. If you need to pay attention on your health, cost, or cooking skills, Obento culture is pretty good way for them!

Today, we’ll introduce beautiful lunch box here. Please enjoy them and hopefully let’s make your own original lunch box!1


Of course, they don’t have enough time to make it all with busy morning time.

How they create such a beautiful lunch box in short time?

The answer is photo as below…!


They stock a variety of dishes like this on their free time.

Why don’t you enjoy Japanese Obento culture from tomorrow??


The most beautiful, comfortable, and exciting season is coming in Japan!


It’s SAKURA season! We Japanese call cherry blossoms “Sakura” in Japanese. Most of people in Japan always enjoy sharing their time with delicious foods, bit of alcohol (sometimes not bit of!!!), and full of cherry blossoms around.

Today, we share some good information “Best spot to enjoy cherry blossoms in Japan!”

①Yoyogi Park


Pretty famous place to enjoy Sakura indeed! Yoyogi park is fifth biggest parks in Tokyo 23-ku. You can sit down on the green, and feel great scale of Sakura!

②Meguro river


It’s also great spot to watch beautiful Sakura! Besides, there are lot of shops selling various food and alcohols there! You don’t need to prepare foods or drinks anymore! How convenient!

③Roppongi Hills


At the center of Tokyo, they also have such a beautiful place. A lot of events or festivals are often taken place there, and you can enjoy it from early in the morning to late night!

How do you think of Hanami, enjoy watching Sakura?


Why Japanese People???

Foreign people sometimes really surprise with Japanese people’s actions. Today’s theme is about Japanese actions that foreign people always think it is super weird.

1.Japanese people are always sleeping on the train

Japan is such a safety country, and people are not scared of lost their baggage. You can see lots of Japanese people who are deeply sleeping there.


2.Japanese people are always calling a waiter in laud voice

In the restaurant, Japanese people usually say “Excuse me!!”(-Sumimasen in Japanese) to call a waiter. Foreign people get surprised how the big voice is!!


3.Japanese people are always get free tissue packs

In the middle of the crowded city, lots of people hand out free tissues with their advertising paper in it. For Foreign people, getting tissue with totally free is super surprising things!!


What do you thing of there unique Japanese matters?