World heritages in Japan

Do you have any ideas how many world heritages are here in Japan? The answer is 18! Today, we would like to introduce some of them, super attractive points.



Yakushima(屋久島) is one of the most famous world heritage in Japan. It was registered in 1993 as a part of natural heritage. Yakushima(屋久島)sometimes called “mysterious islands” because there are a lot of unknown animals and plants that only can grow with the full of nature. We can see and feel the nature of Yakushima(屋久島)to walk into the islands. But recently, it’s coming up as a serious problem that manners of tourists. We especially must pay attentions to protecting precious nature for the future of Japan.




The famous Golden shining Building in Kyoto(京都), we call it “Kinkakuji(金閣寺)”. It was registered in 1994 as a part of cultural heritage. Not small amount of Japanese people are recognizing that this is the symbol of Kyoto(京都)’s culture and very proud of its beauty. Because of its fantastic view, Kinkakuji(金閣寺)often appears in the famous novels or paintings.


③Fujisan(富士山); Mt.Fuji

In 2003, Fujisan(富士山) was finally registered as a part of cultural heritage. No need to say, Fujisan(富士山)is super famous one, and highest mountain in Japan. It is widely regarded as a Japanese symbol for a long time. Also people can climb Fujisan(富士山), but sometimes trashes or water pollutions are in severe situation. If bad situation will continue for a long time, it is said that it might be deprived its registration in the future. We truly have to take care of it to keep Fujisan(富士山)’s clean!


So, what do you think about it? In Japan, we have a lot of attractive world heritages both in cultural one and natural one. Please enjoy visiting those places and feel their attractive points with your heart.


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