Bushido(武士道)and Kishido(騎士道)

Have you ever heard of “Bushido(武士道)” and “Kishido(騎士道)”?


“Bushido(武士道)” is the famous ideology from Japan, and “Kishido(騎士道)” is also famous ideology from Europe. Surprisingly, they actually have a lot of similarities in their spirit, and they recently are paid greatly attentions in all over the world because of their interesting comparison.

First Question…What’s the similar point of them?

In detail of “Bushido(武士道)”, the spirit was based on several principles;「justice(義)」,「courage(勇気)」,「benevolence(仁)」,「appreciation(礼)」,and「honor(名誉)」.


On the other hand, taking a look at “Kishido(騎士道)”, 「loyalty(忠節)」, 「bravery(武勇)」, 「generosity(気前の良さ)」, and「politeness(礼節)」are the main and basic concepts.


Now, you found that both “Bushido(武士道)” and “Kishido(騎士道)” respect their morality and virtue.

So, we are totally understanding the similar points of “Bushido(武士道)” and “Kishido(騎士道)” , then do you know any different points of both?

As you already know and no need to say anymore, but the ideology of “Bushido(武士道) ”was originally born in Japan, on the other hand, that of “Kishido(騎士道)” was born in Europe.


Nidobeinazou(新渡戸稲造), the pretty famous philosopher in Japan mentioned and analyzed the differences between “Bushido(武士道)” and “Kishido(騎士道)” in his book called ”武士道”.


According to his written, we can distinguish between them with the strength of their religious connection.

Compared with those in Europe, Japanese people don’t devote theirselves to religion so much. It can be said in both old the time and present time in Japan.

Considering the close relationship between religion and their daily life in Europe, the spirit of the “Kishido(騎士道)” is greatly influenced by the Christian religion.

While, “Bushido(武士道)” was also having connection to the religious one such as “Buddhism(仏教)”, “Confucianism(儒教), “Shintoism(神道)”, however, not so strong connection compared with in Europe.

In other words, “Bushido(武士道)” is rather than regarded and recognized as one of the religions in Japan.


Thus far, “Bushido(武士道)” and “Kishido(騎士道)” is basically based on the same belief such as loyalty, virtue, courage, and so on.

Otherwise, they are totally different in their attitudes to the religion.




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