The Fake Food Culture in Japan

There are some culture which unique in Japan. Today I am going to introduce about fake food culture. Have you ever watched exquisite fake food sample? It looks like completely similar to the real one. You can watch the perfection of the imitation in everywhere such as restaurants and cafés in Japan.

The beginning of displaying the fake food in restaurants was unclear, however, it seems to starts around the end of Meiji period to the early Showa period. This culture had risen in the popularization of restaurants in department store. Fake foods was very useful for customers to know unfamiliar food which were delivered from Western food, so it became to the popular in every restaurants in Japan. The other role of fake food was generalization of popular food from city to country side.
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Today, there are many other way to know the food culture such as SNS. Why does this food culture continues? There must be at least three reasons. First, it is still powerful way to tell the menu contents to foreigners who cannot understand Japanese. Most of restaurants display fake foods, so if you has anxious in your Japanese communication skills you might not feel any inconvenience with help by the fake food displays. Second, fake food strongly attract customers to order the menu. And the other reason is that it has already became the “culture” in Japan. On the evidence, there are souvenir shops which deal accessories of fake food. If you like fake food, I recommend you to go to the Asakusa area, there are the most famous fake food shops and these shops has variety of the unique accessories of fake food such as USB, necklace, and mascot!


The exciting spots to visit in summer!

Coming super HOT summer in Japan eventually! Are you ready to enjoy the summer? In this season, lots of events are held in Japan, summer festival, fire works, beach…! Today, we are going to give you some special information about the places where you should go in summer in Japan. Our recommendation will surely help you to enjoy the summer in Japan!

【EPSON AQUA PARK Shinagawa(EPSONアクアパーク品川)】

In 2 minuets walking from Shinagawa station(品川駅), you can get there. It is located in very city place, so no need to say, location is  perfect for you!


EPSON AQUA PARK Shinagawa(EPSONアクアパーク品川) is basically an aquarium, but not just a normal one though. You can see a lot of creatures with artistic sounds and lights there, and also ride some attractions! You can enjoy unexpected scale of entertainment there!


Especially, the night dolphin performance show is so awesome because of the harmony of dolphins dance and colorful lights stage.  Actually, EPSON AQUA PARK Shinagawa (EPSONアクアパーク品川)firstly succeeded in collaborating light, music, and dolphins’ performance in Japan!


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【Akeno Sunflower field in Yamanashi Pref.(明野ひまわり畑)】

Have you seen the unlimited and infinite field whole covered with yellow sunflowers?  It is almost like in a movie scene because too beautiful, but actually it is a real place in Yamanashi Prefecture(山梨県). Sunflowers are essential for summer season as you know!


About from middle of July to end of August, you can see in full bloom sunflowers there. Also this place is quite famous because some popular Japanese films are shoot here.


In sunny day, you can enjoy the special collaboration of Mt. Fuji(富士山) and beautiful sunflower fields!

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Between July 20 to August 30, the summer festival especially for adult is held in Happou-en(八芳園), Minato-ku(港区), Tokyo.


Happou-en(八芳園) is typical Japanese garden(日本庭園), and we can enjoy green tea beer, DJ music, Wadaiko drum(和太鼓)during this event there.

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Of course, beautiful Japanese dishes are provided as usual, and some of them are seasonal menu only for the period of this summer festival!


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Did you find your favorite places? You will get memorable experiences there and become to love Japan more and more! Let’s make the unforgettable memories in this summer!