The Mind of Personification

If you are familiar with Japanese so called Otaku culture, you might know there are some tendency in popular character. It’s “Personification”.

130810_hcok000_cs1e1_800x                 刀剣乱舞ロゴ2

Personified characters increase during a few years in novels, comics, anime and games. Recently, some games from DMM games become popular and earned many player. Kancolle and Tohkenranbu are the popular online games, and these games include personified character in it. These two game is a Japanese free-to-play web browser game, so there are many player not only in Japan but also other countries. Especially, Kancolle has many player because it passed more than three years from it was launched. The common point of these games are personification. Kancolle personified real-life warship in WWⅡ, on the other hand, Toukenrambu personified animate legenmdary swords. These games became popular and there are many collaboration goods and events in everywhere.

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All things considered, and it’s just my opinion but, Japanese people might have a tendency to see the things like a person. The idea of Tsukumogami have long been known by Japanese people. Tsukumogami is a kind of Gods or specter  in animism,it turned into a ghost for a very long time.The transformed things brings not only good fortune but also misfortune, so sometimes they called as a ghost. There are also a belief that things become violent Tsukumogami or good Tsukumogami by treated without or with respect.


This idea of Tsukumogami might support today’s popularity of personified character.


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