Cheap Tokyo Part 2 food – 安く楽しむ東京 その2 食べ物

Last post is about drinking so today I’m going to talk about different stuff. It is about food!

So I am going to tell you some cheap and interesting restaurants in Tokyo!

1. Ramen Jiro – ラーメン二郎  Mita and there are several Jiro in Tokyo

Sushi restaurants Jiro is too expensive to go, but don’t worry about this Jiro. (Ramen restaurants though..) Ramen Jiro is one of the most famous Ramen restaurant in Japan. You can have a bowl of ramen like 650yen-800yen. They serve massive Ramens like picture above. Noodles are thick, soup is thick, Cha-syus (チャーシュー= Grilled pork) are thick, and too much vegetables (Chopped cabbage,chopped garlic and bean sprouts). The ramen is like a small mountain. And you can say to chef how much vegetables you want for free. They have special words for adding the vegetables. These are oome(多め), Mashi(マシ) and Mashi-mashi(マシマシ). I strongly recommend you not to have Mashi-mashi. Even if you are a big eater, fighting against the mountain is gonna be awful.

2. Rice-Curry Manten – ライスカレーまんてん Jinbocho

The restaurant is located in Jinbocho. Photo above is Curry with a pork cutlet 600yen. Obviously cheap and you can have a big bowl of curry so Manten is popular for everyone. Especially, students like me quite often go there and get good curry for lunch. If you like spicy food, why don’t you try it?

3. Buta-daigaku – 豚大学 Shinbashi

Buta-daigaku is a restaurant for grilled pork bowl. As you can see, you can have a bowl with full of grilled pork. The smallest one is for 480yen and normal one is for 630yen, then big one for 780yen and the biggest for 990yen. So you can choose how much pork you want, if  you have enough money. But even you don’t have enough money, still you can enjoy the smallest one for 480yen.

Now I’m so hungry..

Cheap Tokyo Part 1 Drinking - 安く楽しむ東京 その1 お酒

Oh dear..I spent too much money yesterday.

Here in Tokyo, as you can see there are thousand of restaurants, bars, shops, clubs and more. So sometimes I spend too much money for one day and this happens quite a lot.(I know why this happens because I am stupid.) But sometimes it happens to everyone so I want to talk about how to enjoy Tokyo cheaper.

So today I am going to focus on drinking. When I meet up my friends after spending too much money, I’m always going to several cheap IZAKAYAs, bars or sometimes not them but good place. So today I’m going to tell you about some of those places



Yakitori- Momo(Thigh) and Negima(Spring onion with thigh)

This is a izakaya which I quite often go to with my friends. Mangetsu is a Yakitori izakaya so if you like grilled chicken you should definitely try it. Reason why I quite often go is of course their price. You can get 1 yakitori (3 or 4 small peacies) for 46 yen. (only もも肉=thigh or ネギマ=spring onion and thigh) And what’s more you can have 1 beer for 199yen.

2.Tanto – たんと Shibuya

If you want to have beer cheap, you can go there and have some. You can get one for 100yen.

3.Standing bar Hyaku-in – スタンディングバー百飲 Akihabara

This is a bar and you can get everything except for beer for 100yen. (Beer is 200yen) They have no seat but still good bar because of the price. You can get even Sake and food for 100yen so just bring 1000yen note and have a good night!

4.Musashino beer factory – 武蔵野ビール工場 Musashino-shi Tokyo

Next one is different from above three. This is a beer factory in Tokyo. Why I’m talking about beer factory is because obviously here is a good place to drink. They have a tour to see the inside of the building. You can learn about beer for 1 hour and see some interesting stuff in it. After that you have a time to enjoy beer. Each person can drink three beer for free. So you can have three free beer and free tour!

Actually, there are more cheap Izakayas or bars in Tokyo so you should try to find good one for you!

Washlet – ウォシュレット

I asked my friends “what’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen in Japan?” They instantly answered “TOILET!“.

Today I’m going to talk about Japanese toilet.  People who have been to Japan should be know how Japanese toilets are weird.  As soon as you push the button on the wall or by the seat, you’ll be automatically washed by someone who has a tender heart.  Of course some of Japanese people don’t use this, but “Washlet” is quite common in Japan so you can see the seat everywhere in Japan such as public toilets, convenience store, station, etc..

In general, we call this seat “Washlet” and this is actually the propriety name of the toilet seat with bidet functions which is produced by TOTO.  So we have several names for the seats for each companies which is like “Shower toilet” by INAX.  But the name takes hold all this kind of seats now because of their popularity.

Today, Washlet is not only used by Japanese people but also it is used by some foreign celebrities. Especially, Leonardo Dicaprio is a big fun of Washlet and he bought it for $3,200.

If you haven’t tried it yet, you should try it at least once!

Dumpling! Gyoza! – 餃子

Do you like dumpling? If so, please be careful to see this post. It may gives you a serious problem..Starving!

Today I am going to tell you some good Gyoza restaurants in Tokyo.

1. 歓迎-Hoanyon Kamata Station ota-ku tokyo

餃子 – Gyoza  300 yen

Kamata is famous for dumpling. Especially dumpling which serves in Kamata is called Hane-tsuki Gyoza (羽つき餃子) because they have a thin crispy part all around as you can see. We call it hane (羽 – wing). And Hoanyon is the best dumpling restaurant (I personally think.) in Kamata. They are super juicy but not really heavy so you can eat them at least 3 rounds (I personally think.)

2.原宿餃子楼 – Harajuku Gyoza-Ro Shibuya-ku Tokyo

焼き餃子 – Yaki-Gyoza  290yen  (6 pieces)

In Harajuku, there is a Gyoza restaurant which is quite popular for young people it’s called Harajuku Gyoza-Rou. The restaurant is more focus on Gyoza so they have only few kind of meals and drinks. Gyoza is quite simple but taste is amazing, particularly Yaki-Gyoza including Garlic is. And they have a English menu so easy to get your meal.

3.餃子の王将 – Gyoza no Osho  You can find them everywhere in Japan

焼き餃子 – Yaki-Gyoza  240yen  (6 pieces)

Gyoza no Osho is one of the biggest chain Chinese restaurant in Japan. As you can see, the price is the cheapest but taste is absolutely great. And sometimes they have a special discount day which is called Gyoza no Hi (餃子の日 – Day of Gyoza) and each Osho has their unique discount day. So it’s quite fun to go to different Osho every time.

Shinjuku Golden-Gai – 新宿ゴールデン街

Generally speaking, Shinjuku is very urbanised place. High buildings, businesspeople, students, department stores, hotels, and plenty of tourists. Shinjuku is absolutely one of the biggest place in Tokyo. But that cutting edge city has a old-fashioned area in it and it is becoming super hot now.


– Did you ever hear of Golden-gai? –

“Golden-gai” is a area which is located in Shinjuku Kabuki-cho 1 cho-me. The area is formed by lots of bars, Izakayas or something like that. All of them are quite small and cosy also unique and very Japanese.

(Golden-gai, Shinjuku, image from Wikipedia)

Therefore, they become famous place to drink for tourists.  Apparently, some famous guidebooks for Tokyo wrote articles about Golden-gai, that triggers it. So, sometimes, I can see the bar with full of tourist in the area. Nowadays, they adopt English so you can see funny and helpful posters on the wall.


So if you are nervous to speak Japanese, here might be good place for you. People in here are really friendly and helpful so you can learn Japanese during drinking from real local people.

How to learn Japanese with fun.

How to learn Japanese with fun.

Today I am going to talk about “How to learn Japanese with fun“. If you get bored to learn Japanese at desk, you should try it.

1. Reading a Manga

If you want to learn Japanese with fun, this will be one of the best way to learn a Japanese vocabulary and this is already being tried by plenty of Japanese learners. Basically, Manga is the stuff for kids so Vocab in it is not so difficult to understand, but some of Manga is really difficult to understand even native Japanese. In other words, you can choose one which adopts your level. But be aware you definitely cannot blast Kamehame-Ha from your hands.

2. Watching Anime

This is really similar to previous way of learning. You can learn not only Vocab, but also pronunciation from it. If you have any specific character who you really like, she or he might help you to learn Japanese. But be aware you definitely cannot get marry with them.

3. Playing Video game

As I mentioned above, basically, Manga or Anime is stuff for kids and Video game is too, so they should be your good teacher. In fact, my brother learned Hiragana from Pokemon. And nowadays, there are thousands of Video games for learning, so you can find the best one for you. But be aware you definitely cannot find an electric yellow mouse-like creature in Tokyo.