How to learn Japanese with fun.

How to learn Japanese with fun.

Today I am going to talk about “How to learn Japanese with fun“. If you get bored to learn Japanese at desk, you should try it.

1. Reading a Manga

If you want to learn Japanese with fun, this will be one of the best way to learn a Japanese vocabulary and this is already being tried by plenty of Japanese learners. Basically, Manga is the stuff for kids so Vocab in it is not so difficult to understand, but some of Manga is really difficult to understand even native Japanese. In other words, you can choose one which adopts your level. But be aware you definitely cannot blast Kamehame-Ha from your hands.

2. Watching Anime

This is really similar to previous way of learning. You can learn not only Vocab, but also pronunciation from it. If you have any specific character who you really like, she or he might help you to learn Japanese. But be aware you definitely cannot get marry with them.

3. Playing Video game

As I mentioned above, basically, Manga or Anime is stuff for kids and Video game is too, so they should be your good teacher. In fact, my brother learned Hiragana from Pokemon. And nowadays, there are thousands of Video games for learning, so you can find the best one for you. But be aware you definitely cannot find an electric yellow mouse-like creature in Tokyo.