Cheap Tokyo Part 2 food – 安く楽しむ東京 その2 食べ物

Last post is about drinking so today I’m going to talk about different stuff. It is about food!

So I am going to tell you some cheap and interesting restaurants in Tokyo!

1. Ramen Jiro – ラーメン二郎  Mita and there are several Jiro in Tokyo

Sushi restaurants Jiro is too expensive to go, but don’t worry about this Jiro. (Ramen restaurants though..) Ramen Jiro is one of the most famous Ramen restaurant in Japan. You can have a bowl of ramen like 650yen-800yen. They serve massive Ramens like picture above. Noodles are thick, soup is thick, Cha-syus (チャーシュー= Grilled pork) are thick, and too much vegetables (Chopped cabbage,chopped garlic and bean sprouts). The ramen is like a small mountain. And you can say to chef how much vegetables you want for free. They have special words for adding the vegetables. These are oome(多め), Mashi(マシ) and Mashi-mashi(マシマシ). I strongly recommend you not to have Mashi-mashi. Even if you are a big eater, fighting against the mountain is gonna be awful.

2. Rice-Curry Manten – ライスカレーまんてん Jinbocho

The restaurant is located in Jinbocho. Photo above is Curry with a pork cutlet 600yen. Obviously cheap and you can have a big bowl of curry so Manten is popular for everyone. Especially, students like me quite often go there and get good curry for lunch. If you like spicy food, why don’t you try it?

3. Buta-daigaku – 豚大学 Shinbashi

Buta-daigaku is a restaurant for grilled pork bowl. As you can see, you can have a bowl with full of grilled pork. The smallest one is for 480yen and normal one is for 630yen, then big one for 780yen and the biggest for 990yen. So you can choose how much pork you want, if  you have enough money. But even you don’t have enough money, still you can enjoy the smallest one for 480yen.

Now I’m so hungry..