Dumpling! Gyoza! – 餃子

Do you like dumpling? If so, please be careful to see this post. It may gives you a serious problem..Starving!

Today I am going to tell you some good Gyoza restaurants in Tokyo.

1. 歓迎-Hoanyon Kamata Station ota-ku tokyo

餃子 – Gyoza  300 yen

Kamata is famous for dumpling. Especially dumpling which serves in Kamata is called Hane-tsuki Gyoza (羽つき餃子) because they have a thin crispy part all around as you can see. We call it hane (羽 – wing). And Hoanyon is the best dumpling restaurant (I personally think.) in Kamata. They are super juicy but not really heavy so you can eat them at least 3 rounds (I personally think.)

2.原宿餃子楼 – Harajuku Gyoza-Ro Shibuya-ku Tokyo

焼き餃子 – Yaki-Gyoza  290yen  (6 pieces)

In Harajuku, there is a Gyoza restaurant which is quite popular for young people it’s called Harajuku Gyoza-Rou. The restaurant is more focus on Gyoza so they have only few kind of meals and drinks. Gyoza is quite simple but taste is amazing, particularly Yaki-Gyoza including Garlic is. And they have a English menu so easy to get your meal.

3.餃子の王将 – Gyoza no Osho  You can find them everywhere in Japan

焼き餃子 – Yaki-Gyoza  240yen  (6 pieces)

Gyoza no Osho is one of the biggest chain Chinese restaurant in Japan. As you can see, the price is the cheapest but taste is absolutely great. And sometimes they have a special discount day which is called Gyoza no Hi (餃子の日 – Day of Gyoza) and each Osho has their unique discount day. So it’s quite fun to go to different Osho every time.