Hallow in japan

Halloween in Japan


In recent years, Shibuya is full with people who costumed.
Many people have dressed as ghosts or jack-o-lanterns, while others who wear animated characters, so-called cosplayers, can also be seen.
Halloween is strongly influenced by commercial aspects over cultural aspects.
In history of Halloween in japan, Kiddy Land Harajuku store started over the counter sales of Halloween related products in the 1970s, and in the same year Kiddy Land Harajuku Store was also promoted in Japan in October 1983 as Halloween. The parade was held in the beginning of the Halloween.
Moreover the spread of SNS gave pleasure to Japanese as a costume, Halloween became rooted in Japan.


The cosplay which is part of animation and cartoon culture was also disgusted except for the event of anime otaku
But, as a kind of Halloween costumes, it is a place where many people enjoy cosplay.
Japanese anime color is becoming stronger.
In Shibuya this year we will be able to see young people dressed in various costumes.


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