Traditional and Sub culture

In Japanese proverb, there is (onko chishin /温故知新).

This mean is that developing new ideas based on study of the past and learning from the past.

Recently, the fusion of traditional arts which is an old Japanese culture and newly established animation culture.

I will introduce Japanese traditional arts by referring to last year’s example.


The first one is Arita-yaki.


This work collaborated with ONE PIECE.

Arita-yaki is a generic name of pottery baked in the neighborhood of Arita-cho in Shiga Prefecture.

It is characterized by a strong, transparent feeling of white magnetism, with vivid colors such as indigo, red, yellow, and gold delicately.

Since there are no oceans in Arita-cho, a load has been done from the Imari port of nearby port.

Therefore, it is also known as the name of Imari-yaki.


Kasama Yaki is a popular anime, girls & panzer, theater, traditional art representing Ibaraki Prefecture.

Kasama Yaki isn’t tied to design or taste other than “Burning in Kasama’s place”, it is said that “Characterizing that there is no feature” is said.



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