One soup and three dishes(ichiju sansai一汁三菜)

Have you ever heard of one soup and three dishes(一汁三菜)?

%e3%81%84It’s an idea that Japanese people have traditionally tried to eat healthy every day and literally consisted of one soup and three kinds of dishes that are one main dish and two side dishes, and pickles are added to it to refresh the mouth during the meal.


Staple food: cooked rice

Soup: miso soup, clear soup

Main dish: raw fish, grilled dishes, fried dishes, simmered dishes, steamed dishes (meat or fish)

Side dish 1: simmered dishes, steamed dishes, tossed dishes (vegetables, potatoes, mushrooms, tofu, beans, etc.)

Side dish 2: tossed dishes (raw fish and vegetables seasoned in vinegar, vegetables, seaweed, fruits, etc.)



The reason why this concept is healthy is that you can have a well-balanced diet if you embrace it, drinking fluids from soup, eating carbohydrates from staple food, which is rice, protein from main dish and other nutrition like vitamin or mineral from two side dishes. Also, using a lot of foods to make this one soup and three dishes meal, you will create a nutritious and balanced diet naturally.


Listed as a UNESCO intangible world heritage site, Japanese food (washoku) is drawing global attention for its nutritional balance and its role in Japanese custom, history and culture.

If you’re intrigued by this style of cuisine, please try and enjoy it!



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