Hinakazari/Hinaningyo- 雛飾り/雛人形

Hinakazari/Hinaningyo- 雛飾り/雛人形 

Hinamatsuri also known as Girl’s Day, is a special day for girls. The day is celebrated on 3rd March every year. Today we are going to taliking about Hinamatsuri and specially forcus on 雛飾り/雛人形 (Hinakazari/Hinaningyo) Families which has daughters decorate the platform (Hinadan 雛壇) which is covered by red carpet (Dankake 段掛). Then display the dolls (雛人形 Hina-ningyo) and small furnitures on it (雛飾り Hinakazari).

Hinaningyo wears 平安装束 (Heian Syozoku – traditional wear for noble in Heian period). The custom of displaying the dolls begun in Heian period. People believed the dolls protect people from bad luck or bad fortune. Initially, the dolls is for playing kids of noble in Heian period. Also there was a custom which is 流し雛 (Nagashibina – doll floatong on the river). These custom became the basis, people started to worship dolls.

On the first platform there are two dolls. The male doll is called 男雛 (O-bina), female one is called 女雛 (Me-bina). They are the emperor and the empress.

Their are three ladies on the second platform which is called 三人官女 (San-nin Kanjo). Each of them holds Sake equipments.

The third platform holds five male dolls which is called 五人囃子 (Gonin Bayashi). Each has different things. From left to right on the picture, the first one has the 太鼓 (Taiko – drum), second one has the 大鼓 (Odutsuni – big drum), third one has the 小鼓 (Kodutsumi – small hand drum), forth one has the 横笛 (Yokobue – flute), and fifth one has 扇子 (sensu – a folding fan) and he is a 謡い方 (Utaikata – singer).

The two ministers are displayed on the forth platform. The right one is called 右大臣 (Udaijin), the left one is called 左大臣 (Sadaijin). And the between the two, there are diamond-shaped stands 菱台 (Hishidai) bearing diamond-shaped ricecakes 菱餅 (Hishimochi).

Finally, on the fifth platform there are two plants, a mandarin orange tree 右近の橘 (Ukon no Tachibana) and on the leftmost, a cherry blossom tree 左近の桜 (Sakon no Sakura). Between two of them there are three Samurai as the protectors of the emperor and the empress. The left one on the picture is 泣き上戸 (Nakijogo – Maudlin drinker), the middle one is 怒り上戸 (Okorijogo – Cantankerous drinker), the right one is 笑い上戸 (Waraijogo – Merry drinker).

There are many types of platforms which is like three tiers, five, six, seven or you can find even hundred tiers platform (obviously hundred one is mostly for commercial or event) and sometimes use the stairs of shrine as platform. The picture on the right is one of the most famous Hinamatsuri festival event in 大子町 (Daigomachi, Ibaraki).



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