SOBA (蕎麦)


Japanese people love very much noodles like ramen, udon and soba. This time, I would like to tell you about soba. In the soba restaurant, it is normal to make noise when we eat it. Perhaps it makes you disagreeable. Even the most of Japanese people don’t know well why they slurp the noodles.


According to a Japanese chef of the famous soba restaurant, they started to slurp in order to taste more the soba’s flavor in their mouth. Soba noodles became popular since Edo period (in 17th century). Edo (the former name of Tokyo) had a population of about 1 million, so it was rather a big city at that time. There were many workers like carpenters or merchants, and they used to have meals in outside. Eating soba spread easily because they could eat fast, and also they had known soba was very nutritious food. It seems that there were about 700 soba restaurants in the late Edo period. Naturally, soba (buckwheat) is a kind of cereals so that it had been taken by most of ordinary people. The reason why they ate soba making noise that they didn’t care so much about manners. To enjoy tasting soba’s good flavor, you don’t have to care about making noise !


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