Do you know koyou(紅葉)?


This is koyou. Green leaves gradually turn into red in autumn. It looks so beautiful that people trip somewhere to get and see the leaves changing colors.


In Japan Kyoto is one of the famous koyou spots.

koyou1This picture is a window at a temple maned genkoan(源光庵)in Kyoto. The window cut a beautiful part from scenery and how it looks changes depending on where you sit. Actually, there is a window shaped square next to it and both are great and photogenic.



koyou2I took this picture at eikanji(永観寺) in Kyoto. Here is especially beautiful at night because they light up the vivid colorful leaves and it makes this place amazing in darkness of the night sky. We can also have a matcha(抹茶) or oshiruko(お汁粉) which is sweet red bean soup at the temple, enjoying stunning koyou.


The season of koyou is colder than I expect, so if you visit Kyoto or other koyou spots in Japan, don’t forget your coat and scarf for extra warmth!



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