Best spots in Kumamoto②

On 14th in April, a huge earthquake occurred Kumamoto pref. in Kyushu.  Now people in Japan are going to try hard to get quick recovery from earthquake damage.

So, today we would like to share some best spots  in Kumamoto! After recovering from the serious damage, let’s visit Kumamoto to cheer up!

【Kumamoto Castle】


The most famous place is Kumamoto castle. It was built in Edo-era, and recognized as the Important Cultural Property in 1933. If you need, you can also enjoy seeing around with English-guided.

【Shiraito Waterfall】


Shiraito Waterfall is famous as a healing power spot in Kyushu. It’s 20 meters high and change its mood depends on the seasons. Especially, coloring leaves in Fall is unbelievably beautiful.

【Kyusendo Cave】


It’s a 2nd longest cave in Japan from 300 million years. Twenty thousand bats are living here and keep the environment inside.


Let’s cheer up Kumamoto, Kyushu!

OBENTO(-lunch box) culture

Do you have your own lunch box, called “Obento-bako” in Japanese?

In Japan, basically every single person has their own one. If you need to pay attention on your health, cost, or cooking skills, Obento culture is pretty good way for them!

Today, we’ll introduce beautiful lunch box here. Please enjoy them and hopefully let’s make your own original lunch box!1


Of course, they don’t have enough time to make it all with busy morning time.

How they create such a beautiful lunch box in short time?

The answer is photo as below…!


They stock a variety of dishes like this on their free time.

Why don’t you enjoy Japanese Obento culture from tomorrow??