The most beautiful, comfortable, and exciting season is coming in Japan!


It’s SAKURA season! We Japanese call cherry blossoms “Sakura” in Japanese. Most of people in Japan always enjoy sharing their time with delicious foods, bit of alcohol (sometimes not bit of!!!), and full of cherry blossoms around.

Today, we share some good information “Best spot to enjoy cherry blossoms in Japan!”

①Yoyogi Park


Pretty famous place to enjoy Sakura indeed! Yoyogi park is fifth biggest parks in Tokyo 23-ku. You can sit down on the green, and feel great scale of Sakura!

②Meguro river


It’s also great spot to watch beautiful Sakura! Besides, there are lot of shops selling various food and alcohols there! You don’t need to prepare foods or drinks anymore! How convenient!

③Roppongi Hills


At the center of Tokyo, they also have such a beautiful place. A lot of events or festivals are often taken place there, and you can enjoy it from early in the morning to late night!

How do you think of Hanami, enjoy watching Sakura?



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