Hi, today’s story is about super cool party place-we call it EBISU YOKOCHO(恵比寿横丁)!

In the middle of Ebisu(恵比寿), really really near to the Ebisu(恵比寿) station, there is the place always be filled with lots of fun. Whenever you go,  all the bars, restaurants, Izakaya(居酒屋) are welcoming you.


It’s cheaper, casual, and feel the heartwarming people! Everyone becomes friends sitting down next to you, and sometimes they schedule their second time EBISU YOKOCHO(恵比寿横丁) night out!! If you are lucky, singing man with his guitar gives you a song present…!


It doesn’t matter if on the week day or midnight, EBISU YOKOCHO(恵比寿横丁) is a party spot!! You can choose your favorite place from all of 21 shops. Most of the people enjoy several shops-we call it Hashigo(はしご).


Why don’t you enjoy EBISU YOKOCHO(恵比寿横丁) noght with your friends!!!





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