Who wants to join our calligraphy session??

Hi, this is Cosmos Japanese Language School! We are having calligraphy sessions on every Mondays 19:00-19:40.

Ms.Abe, professional calligrapher, will give you a session for free. Come and Join us!!

We have a message and some more detail information from Abe-sensei below!


【Information of the “秋鳳 calligraphy salon”】

“秋鳳 calligraphy salon” is providing the place for foreign people to enjoy Japanese calligraphy.

You can choose your favorite letter(e.g.Kanji), and create your own original calligraphy art using a writing brush.

Since our session is in a small group, calligraphy-unfamiliar students are also welcoming.

Each of Japanese letter has their own meanings, so some students give the art to their friends as a present.

Of course, you can take a session with your family or friends!


0 yen (will write your favorite 1 Kanji on the special material.)


every mondays 19:00-19:40


Glenpark Hanzomon 502,  Kojimachi 2-12-1, Chiyoda, Tokyo

<contact information>





Come and join us!!!




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