Kyoto(京都)— the no.1 popular sightseeing city —

On July 7th in 2015,we all Japanese were full of delight from young to old. Can you guess the reason for? No need to say, Kyoto(京都) won the first prize in the World’s Best City Award held by U.S. famous sightseeing magazine.


To be surprise, Kyoto(京都)won the first prize also in last year , so it was actually the second time that Kyoto(京都)got the first place in that Award.


Why Kyoto(京都)is so attracting the people all over the world?

Today, we would like to clarify the reason of it here.

Firstly, according to the magazine held this award every year, they evaluated the plenty of its sightseeing attractions such as historical temples, shrines and cuisines. Not only the material things, it was greatly focused on its human things, kind-hearted, friendly, and helpful at any time to the people visiting in Kyoto(京都). Moreover, in old time, Kyoto(京都)was particularly known as its historical aspect but in recently, Kyoto(京都)started to be paid attention to its modern aspect. In other words, we can feel the brilliant harmony of both old and new at the same time and in one place.


In addition to those reasons, Kyoto(京都)has a nice and mild weather throughout the year. For all foreign tourists who came to Japan, it is so unendurable with Japanese climate, high temperature and high humidity. But Kyoto(京都)is relatively confortable among the place is Japan for them.


Also, Kyoto(京都)city decided to start some new and effective systems that are so helpful for the foreigner. For instance, the city is providing the free Wi-Fi network environment to all the people visiting Kyoto(京都) for 3 hours, hiring the bilingual taxi drivers, and making free brochure of Kyoto written in both Japanese and English.

Of course, there are great numbers of attractive points that naturally existed from the old time in Kyoto(京都) such as a calm climate and historical stuffs, but I would like to say with emphasize that the enormous efforts of people in Kyoto(京都)were surely made this honor.

Although Kyoto(京都) is already recognized as a good city to visit, this winning brought more strong awareness that Kyoto(京都)is the no.1 wonderful sightseeing spot in the world!!