Quiz Japan

-Quiz Japan-

Today we have a quiz for you about Japan.

How many questions can you answer correctly?

 1.Where is the capital city of Japan?

2.What is the name of the biggest prefecture in Japan?

3.How many prefectures does Japan have?

4.Where is the area for Otaku(geek) people in Tokyo?

5.What is the name of the era before 平成(Heisei)?

6.Who is the arch rival of 悟空(Goku) in Dragon Ball?

7.How do Japanese people call Smartphone?

8.Why does Japan drive on the left side?

9.Which flower does 桜 mean?

10.What does マジで(Maji de) mean?

11.When Japanese people say 生(Nama) in 居酒屋(Izakaya), they will get?

12.How many stops does Yamanote Line have?

13.Where can you find ハチ公(Hachi-ko)?

14.When do Japanese people eat roasted soybeans?

15.How do japanese people call business person/office worker in Japanglish?



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