Oyster goes around comes around – 牡蠣が結ぶ日本とフランス

I went to Miyagi prefecture (Tohoku district, North of Japan) few days ago for travelling around the district. Miyagi is famous for good seafood so lots of tourists go there to have it. Especially, oyster is one of the best specialties of Miyagi.


But as you may know, 3 years ago, Tohoku was hit by huge earthquake also the massive Tsunami completely destroyed the several cities and towns.  Miyagi was one of them and it was unspeakably awful. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw how the city was collapsed on TV.

Needless to say, their specialties were damaged too, so the people worked for it were absolutely devastated. Of course, oyster industry was got terrible damage so everyone felt hopeless. But it wasn’t end of the story. The Savior came from France and they helped for revival of oyster industry in Miyagi. Then they finely got back their specialty.

Apparently, in 1970 and 1990, Brittany oyster industry was destroyed by a virus. At that time the industry in Miyagi had sent larvae of oyster to France and they regained their oyster. So this time Brittany returns a favour for what Miyagi did in the past. So we can still enjoy good oysters because of the lovely story between France and Japan.

What a great story, we appreciate you France! Merci beaucoup!



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