Cheap Tokyo Part 3 Visiting and lesson – 安く楽しむ東京 その3 見物と体験

So this time I am going to talk about good place to visit today!

1. Meguro Tanku Garden – 目黒天空庭園 Meguro Ikejiri-Ohashi Station

This big roofed garden is located on Ohasi Junction (大橋ジャンクション) which is a system interchange between Tokyo Metropolitan Expressway Route 3 and Central Circular Route C2. The garden covers approximately 7,000 square meters and it has 1,000 trees and shrubs. As I mentioned there is a motorway below but the garden is pretty quiet so you can get relaxed and enjoy the view from the garden.

2. Traditional Japanese boat tour – 和船乗船体験 Yoko Zikken-Gawa Shinsui Park (横十間川親水公園) Toyo-cho Station

You can get on a boat which is Edo era styled Japanese boat.  Yoko Zikken-Gawa Shinsui Park (横十間川親水公園) has a waterway and the boat goes on it for about 20 min. Also you can row the boat, if you want to. You can get on the boat for free, but you should check the schedule for the tour so if you are into it, visit and check it out.

3. Korin-in Zazen lesson – 香林院座禅体験 Hiro-o Station

You can learn how to Zazen at Korin-in. Zazen is a sort of religious practice for mental concentration. Basically, this training is for renouncing worldly desires. You sit on a cushion and clear out desires from your mind. Nowadays the practice is getting popular for young people so you can find some temples which you can Zazen at. And lots of temples hold lessons for free. if you want to try it, google Zazen lesson or something and find good one!


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