Cheap Tokyo Part 1 Drinking - 安く楽しむ東京 その1 お酒

Oh dear..I spent too much money yesterday.

Here in Tokyo, as you can see there are thousand of restaurants, bars, shops, clubs and more. So sometimes I spend too much money for one day and this happens quite a lot.(I know why this happens because I am stupid.) But sometimes it happens to everyone so I want to talk about how to enjoy Tokyo cheaper.

So today I am going to focus on drinking. When I meet up my friends after spending too much money, I’m always going to several cheap IZAKAYAs, bars or sometimes not them but good place. So today I’m going to tell you about some of those places



Yakitori- Momo(Thigh) and Negima(Spring onion with thigh)

This is a izakaya which I quite often go to with my friends. Mangetsu is a Yakitori izakaya so if you like grilled chicken you should definitely try it. Reason why I quite often go is of course their price. You can get 1 yakitori (3 or 4 small peacies) for 46 yen. (only もも肉=thigh or ネギマ=spring onion and thigh) And what’s more you can have 1 beer for 199yen.

2.Tanto – たんと Shibuya

If you want to have beer cheap, you can go there and have some. You can get one for 100yen.

3.Standing bar Hyaku-in – スタンディングバー百飲 Akihabara

This is a bar and you can get everything except for beer for 100yen. (Beer is 200yen) They have no seat but still good bar because of the price. You can get even Sake and food for 100yen so just bring 1000yen note and have a good night!

4.Musashino beer factory – 武蔵野ビール工場 Musashino-shi Tokyo

Next one is different from above three. This is a beer factory in Tokyo. Why I’m talking about beer factory is because obviously here is a good place to drink. They have a tour to see the inside of the building. You can learn about beer for 1 hour and see some interesting stuff in it. After that you have a time to enjoy beer. Each person can drink three beer for free. So you can have three free beer and free tour!

Actually, there are more cheap Izakayas or bars in Tokyo so you should try to find good one for you!


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