Washlet – ウォシュレット

I asked my friends “what’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen in Japan?” They instantly answered “TOILET!“.

Today I’m going to talk about Japanese toilet.  People who have been to Japan should be know how Japanese toilets are weird.  As soon as you push the button on the wall or by the seat, you’ll be automatically washed by someone who has a tender heart.  Of course some of Japanese people don’t use this, but “Washlet” is quite common in Japan so you can see the seat everywhere in Japan such as public toilets, convenience store, station, etc..

In general, we call this seat “Washlet” and this is actually the propriety name of the toilet seat with bidet functions which is produced by TOTO.  So we have several names for the seats for each companies which is like “Shower toilet” by INAX.  But the name takes hold all this kind of seats now because of their popularity.

Today, Washlet is not only used by Japanese people but also it is used by some foreign celebrities. Especially, Leonardo Dicaprio is a big fun of Washlet and he bought it for $3,200.

If you haven’t tried it yet, you should try it at least once!



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