Shinjuku Golden-Gai – 新宿ゴールデン街

Generally speaking, Shinjuku is very urbanised place. High buildings, businesspeople, students, department stores, hotels, and plenty of tourists. Shinjuku is absolutely one of the biggest place in Tokyo. But that cutting edge city has a old-fashioned area in it and it is becoming super hot now.


– Did you ever hear of Golden-gai? –

“Golden-gai” is a area which is located in Shinjuku Kabuki-cho 1 cho-me. The area is formed by lots of bars, Izakayas or something like that. All of them are quite small and cosy also unique and very Japanese.

(Golden-gai, Shinjuku, image from Wikipedia)

Therefore, they become famous place to drink for tourists.  Apparently, some famous guidebooks for Tokyo wrote articles about Golden-gai, that triggers it. So, sometimes, I can see the bar with full of tourist in the area. Nowadays, they adopt English so you can see funny and helpful posters on the wall.


So if you are nervous to speak Japanese, here might be good place for you. People in here are really friendly and helpful so you can learn Japanese during drinking from real local people.


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